Pellet Therapy




Pellets are the most natural way to deliver bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) in both men and women. Pellets deliver a consistent release of hormone levels over an extended period of time, typically 3–6 months. This means only 2–4 visits to the medical office per year! The procedure typically takes 10–15 minutes, and most people are comfortable resuming daily activities immediately after their appointment. Best of all, your dosage is customized based on your labs.




Not all pellets are created equally. Our pellets are formulated to the highest standards under sterile conditions by Pharmacy Solutions, a PCAB accredited pharmacy in both sterile and non-sterile compounding. The pellets are created in our modern sterile compounding room that meets all of the PCAB requirements, all of the State Board of Pharmacy requirements, and all of the natural USP requirements. Upon completion, a sample of every batch of pellets is sent to an independent, third-party FDA-registered laboratory for testing where they are tested for potency and sterility.

*Only 2% of compounding pharmacies are PCAB certified.

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